Match Point.

Just got home from Tennis, and I've come to three realizations:
- I'm out of shape and rusty.
- I have a lot of work to do.
- I am Miss. Independent.
Yeah a boyfriend would be great and all, but honestly if he's
not willing to put in the effort, I'm better off alone ; ).
For some reason I've been listening to The College Dropout and Graduation a lot.
Loving the new car, missing my old one =/, getting my plates transferred soon.
What else?
I have a shitload of work to do, and no motivation.
Forgot to go to post office, yet again, I hope I can remember to go tmrw.
I also was told that the reason I'm alone is because I keep everything in.
This may be true, yet on the other hand I tend to be upfront.
As I see it: ALL IN DUE TIME.

NaS Friday? Amanda's Birthday today!