Defining Moments.

And it's crazy.... I'm starting to fall , I can't help it.
I don't like the feeling of needing people... call me crazy
"i'm known to walk alone, but I'm alone for a reason" and it's true ..
Enough: This past break has been pretty swell, I must say so myself.

First off to kick the new year off I just hung out with some chill people, one of the most low key New Year's I've had in a while: it was perfect. Countdowns, champagne, and stolen cell phones.
Despite still recuperating from New Year's that following Friday I headed to Foxwoods with the familam, and by fam I mean: mandarob, sandra, eunho.
To sum it up, "the drinks are free!" "Monkey!" "slot machines are bastards" and "no boots?! are you serious?!!!"

won some cash, but it'll be gone quick.

First day back today, not sure how much longer I can focus on my studies.

We haven't talked today... and to be honest, I might miss ...