hehe I love cookies, and milk , yes together.
Today was quite hectic : sang No More Drama today with some kool cats ; ) , for diversity week.
Tennis meeting, Yearbook meeting, dance practice.
Came home and passed OUT, as a result I woke up an hour ago, my schedule is ruined so I don't even try to fix it.

I love sugar cookies, especially the ones with little designs , I wish I could eat cookies all the time, oh wait I already do that. He bought Rocknrolla, can't wait to watch it!!!

also I love the concepts that sony has for the new PSP right now, yes I'm a gamer, sue me =P
Find me on STEAM! I only play Counter-Strike though, and have since the 1.3 days :o) well lately : carmelthugett <-- I think that's my steam name ha