The Sky Is Falling.

Rawr! It's snowing , yet again. I'm not sure if I can manage the whole cold weather ordeal. Cleaning off my car before driving home was not a good idea to do without a jacket, but it was clear I had gone too far. I'm currently about to take a nap, I love naps =). I'm trying to like him, promise, it's just every time I think about the "future", my mind drifts towards something....or someone else rather, but I AM trying. I promised myself that I would be single throughout freshman year of college.....

Was supposed to post these yesterday: oops.

also here's the whole twenty-five things about me "note" that's been consuming facebook:
1. My name is spelled with TWO B's and TWO E's I cannot stress that enough. People I've known for years still spell it wrong, it makes me wince on the inside, as well as the outside.

2. Yes I am Asian, despite what others may think, Chinese to be exact, 50%.

3. It's 2am and I'm not tired, I think I'm nocturnal .

4. I'm actually, really, a guy on the inside .

5. I play CS so that sort of proves #4, and I guess #2 as well. It also raises the fact that I'm a nerd at heart and am unashamed. I actually like school, just not the work.

6. My favorite number is two. Why I wrote this fact at #6? idk either

7. I don't think sevens are lucky, sue me. I like the chase more, interpret that how you want.

8. I'm a Dunkins person, starbucks can blow me. (there are a few exceptions)

9. I like footwear, which entails all types.

10. I collect shot glasses, and have since I was 7.

11. I listen to music like I get paid for it, all types.

12. I'm really not that tall, my legs are just long.

13. I hate snow. This is only my attitude once I'm forced to shovel it , otherwise it's fine.

14. I cannot wait for the spring, I love the first day that you personally witness the seasons change: priceless.

15. I love my cousins, so go **** yourself. We only drink HOOD milk.

16. My sweet-sixteen was spent most of my closest friends, thank you all for that.

17. I LIVE IN BOSTON damnit. Some people seem to have other thoughts about where I reside.

18. I like straight leg jeans, not skinny, boot cut are fine too I suppose.

19. Mangoes are by far the best tropical fruit, yes I am prepared to argue this.

20. MONK.Heroes.ABDC.The Game.Everybody Hates Chris.Fresh Prince.GG.OTH
in that order. I watch a gross amount of tv, although it is dwindling. I can watch three shows at once, and anticipate when each channel's commercials are over: 1337.

Twenty-One . I desperately wish I was, but I get by.

22. I love cars, secretly, ex-secretly now. R8. Black Series. 370Z etc.
I love driving fast.

23. My face heats up when people compliment me: I'm shy. Not around my friends though.

24. I make promises to myself that I do not break. ex: buying Ugg's

Twenty-Five: I might have blog, or I might not.

26. Well because KPossible did it, therefore by the transitive property I should as well. I also find designer labels completely absurd, those and white cars are in the same failboat.