That Girl’s Got Moxie!

I stayed home again, (this has got to stop), terrible headache. It was surprising because I rarely get those. Anyways, I ended up sleeping through most of my day, missed dance practice which I don't really mind doing it's just that auditions are tomorrow and we need to make sure everyone's timing is on point. we haven't talked in a few days; I don't think it really matters though. TGIF (tmrw) that's all I have to say!

I said "tmrw" because although Friday is two minutes away, I don't see it as the next day until I personally wake up, I know that sounds a bit self-centered, sue me.

Going to my cousins' show tomorrow at BC it should be fun, come show some support and celebrate the Year of the Ox! Yeah we're not Viet. but she's VP of the club =)

expect for the fact that I have NO idea what's going on in calculus, and there'll probably be a test sometime next week I'm feeling fine!

I love, okay maybe that's an overstatement, but I don't mind the occasional:

Had an amazing dinner tonight one of my favorite Chinese dishes: Twin Lobster with Lobster sauce (Black bean) , Canto. Style FTW!

Also just so you know I use chopsticks but it's clearly way too hard to eat lobster that way, I only use them when I'm feeling ^.^ or if I'm out hehe.

Yeah my desk is a mess n' I don't care….yet