Forty-Six and counting...

despite clearly having kickass names : THE KNIGHTS
Keeper of the code of Truth
we lost in a double-elim. against some whack-ass team. -_- if only people followed the rules of dodgeball.
With that said, fourty-six five more days of "class" left: until I am officially free from the town of Belmont. Of course I'll still be employed there [let's hope ;) ] and my friends grew up there so of course I'll be around, but I'm ready for a change. Still waiting on college responses, maybe applying ALL regular wasn't such a spot-on idea, I'll deal.

this stuff is what's keeping me from falling over.

Get Well Soon Marah/TWIN!!!

Steve Jobs wanna stop making new versions of the iPod Shuffle? <--- terribad device.
see for yourself, although this one is a step up from last time.

As for this car.....
The oh nine Geneva , probably around $30000 still...

Not to mention some of my other favorites :
infiniti essence concept/ 370z