Lee's Sandwich Shop/Lee's Beehive.

For those who have never heard of Lee's...leave right now =)
It's our...well I guess ex-our Family-run business. I remember legit LIVING at these two locations for a good portion of my youth. My mom used to bring me in to work with her everyday when she worked at the Beehive, now it's a "B*Good" - ew. I'll try to find pictures and such of both, but all I have are recent one's of Lee's (Sandwich Shop). I remember me and my cousins would spend countless hours plotting to "run away" we were about 5 -ha. Us run...away? we barely knew how to get to the other side of Harvard Sq. let alone leave home for an extended amount of time. Unfortunately we sold the Beehive when I was still in middle school. Countless afternoons and family gatherings took place at Lee's from thanksgivings to birthdays, whether I would stop by to say hi to my mom, or wait for a friend to meet me. I recently ate dinner there with a friend, it still smells the same but I know it will never feel the same. Going in there I was shocked and in dismay the once vibrant stools with a matching counter-top, now was changed to the un-personable stainless steel work counter, and the place where my cousins and I would play/eat/wait for our family to "close" had been transformed into a cold, hard, unloving black marble counter-top. Tearing as I passed by the newly installed A/C's I sat and patiently waited, scrutinizing every detail I teared up. The new management was ruining one of my favorite places of all time. I ordered my food without even looking at menu, I know every price and item by heart.
"What can I get you ladies?"
- an order of wings please
stephanie: " grilled bacon cheese and tomato"
"sounds good, it'll be right up"
As I sat there, screaming in my head -YOU DIDN'T ASK WHAT KIND OF BREAD SHE WANTED!- something that was an automatic for me every time I was behind the counter.
I found myself growing increasingly glum with every bite. As I looked up to see what time it was, I was greeted by an empty wall where I used to pray for the clock to hit 6. As I got up to leave, I saw my friend reaching for her wallet and that's when it hit me, I'd have to pay for the first time in my life.
I quickly left my money on the counter and reached for my coat.
Kibs how much is my - 5.75 I answered, she applauded at my response time.
all I can say is I miss it, more than you'll ever know.

Not to mention I was reading the reviews as I ate.

When I find enough pictures I'll make a montage.
" Hey listen, I'll see ya " - Mary C. RIP.