Let The Rain Fall.

First off, tennis match <--- canceled, thank God.
Second, this is gunna be an extremely long post :P.
It's gross out:

Came home and just relaxed for once, ran some errands, visited the new kittens!
Will post pictures later tmrw.

I'm anticipating Asher's cd : Asleep In The Bread Aisle
the only thing I'd say about his voice, is that he sounds too much like Eminem, but other than that, I can dig it.
Speaking of music, I came across this free mix that Urban's been giving out: check it out, there's a few songs that I like on there:

Download it free here.
This video amused me for a few minutes, give it a go.

I need a new wallet, my old one is falling apart at the seams -_-
maybe this? By: Porte Monnaie

These were released a bit ago, but I found them to be flabbergasting
"Stick To Your Glasses by Azumi David"
Useful right? ha
I do need a new pair of sunglasses though...maybe these?:

I nearly cried at the fact that I do not live in Texas, mainly because of these bad boys ::"Supra x Stubb’s Skytop - International Release" They even came with BBQ sauce.

good thing I have dumplings ^.~