ShaBLAM. Nine: Bust a rhyme!

First off I never uploaded picturas of the kittens, and for that I apologize.

the mommy, apparently her name is Princess... -_- yeah my grandparents thought it was a good idea because they were unaware if "it" was a girl or boy. If "it" turned out to be a boy, they'd change the name to Prince. which I nominated to be changed to fresh prince :o)

speaking of IT, that movie used to scare the bejeesus out of me , stupid clowns

scary right?

As I was strolling past 61<-- Church St. I witnessed what they did to our sign...
wtf, all I can manage to say.

Second, I love my cousins. GO FUCK YOURSELF <--- don't take it personal, just a statement we live by. Attended multiple birthday celebrations : shouts to one of my closest guy friends Mike Sums (legal). Took his punk ass to CPK aka :
and Finale for dessert.

look a fairy! haha

then to my uncle's Seventy-First Birthday Celebration.

the boy on the right, or "man" I should say rather, is my cousin Robert, we attend the same school and he has decided to enlist in the

Not sure if I'm completely on board yet but I am getting there.
moving on...

souvenir from Brasil!courtesy of my lovely cousin above, Jess.

uh yeah not sure why we own such a thing...

I can dishonestly say I didn't not take part in this?

Kings anyone? don't break the circle!

camera, stolen.

I swear to dog I'm not grunk.

Followed by Dim Sum, one of my favorite activities.

Oh yeah this looks sooooo yummy, not to mention cute

thanks for the pic. Jess :o)
el fin.