June 10th 2009

Well seeing as I'm officially done with high school, like it's over, never going back, I feel the need to just be as lazy as possible and to wake up with my days half over. The whole feeling nostalgic, hasn't kicked in yet, but I have a feeling it will once August rolls around. Anyways, I'm officially a freshman again, greaaatttttttt, naht.
oh yeah this post is pretty long, tee hee that's what she said.
It's a new day right?

And do to liquid damage fucking with the components of my phone I'm now forced to get this badboy, although I'm not exactly fond of the black or white option, I'll forever love my OG iPhone with the aluminum back.

lmfao, I guess this is a reason that goes on the Con list.

I wish he wasn't so good at basketball, it'd be easier to hate him :)

I love how people think that buying jewelry that's encrusted with stones and having it hang around their neck like a fucking medal is attractive in any way/shape/form. T-Pain you should get slapped for this, seriously.

shit maybe if my bike had a freaken light display like this one, I'd ride it more often. Plus! it's only 60.00!!!! [US]

for some I don't know, strange reason, I find a stranger using thread to shape my eyebrows a little odd, call me crazy.

Kanyeezy's girl is officially a Ford Model now...jesus what is the world coming to, she's now on the same level with Iman -_-

People are silly =p I mean of course stress adds to the way you look but you can't compare two pictures that are nearly 5 years apart and have them be flawless no?

Dear Beyonce,
Why you so fly?

I love this shoot: courtesy of J&J.
white tee project.

Christian Dior....STOP , I'm getting all hot and bothered ;-)

H&M??!!! I'll be there if you need me.

This the chair I want for my office, I can just see myself ordering my minions around in this.
mwahahahhahahahahhahhaaaaa ::crosses hands::

uh maybe if we had THESE I'd be more inclined to make soup or something hehe.

Tate Otama by Mikiya Kobayashi <---- recognize the name tee hee. I mean Keyser Soze anyone?

It's a ladel that stands up by itself , ingenius!

I don't even like boats but hot damn....

bitch make me some fucking OJ! jk, but I am quite thirsty, and these are pretty nifty.

This guy's Joker is pretty good, his Tony's good too =) although the video is too long, sadface.

I fucking love samsung products, I own a NV10 ,eh it's kinda old but I still love it, but I'd kill a small family for one of these, jk....sorta (o:

people shitting on drinking myths

poor whale

whale face ! -_______-

do me.

this shirt is sick, and "all the trendy bastards will love it", haha loves it.

he really hates zangief,
really hates zangief ,really hates zangief .... lol
he speaks the troof tho.

I'm not really a fan on G*Star jeans...but I might have to purchase a pair of these.

So crack a bottle...

They're crashing a skinny jeans store, love it.

this is awesome

I personally would never wear them...but I straight up love this concept.
Canal St. home of the knock-offs.

"Get Your Chain tooken,
I might do it myself

I don't even like Macs but these look quite spicy.

when I get a kitchen I'll be sure to put alllll my stuffs in here!

this is sickkk, uploading pictures straight from your camera, where ever there's wi-fi!!!

roflcopter, usb powered microwave hahahaha

love these!

seeing as I just watched The Shining yesterday these creep me the fuck out.
curse those twins!come play with us Danny.....

oh Mr. Kern...