Maybe. Maybe Not. Maybe Fuck Yourself.

Well for starters this weather is a fucking drag, I'm the type of person that's usually not affected by the weather, but once the rain starts to become a constant theme, I tend to get a little under the weather. Rain isn't really my forte, but there are a few occasions that I won't pass up rain or shine.

I wanna grill

but it's kinda hard to when outside looks like this:

This man, or soon to be by law, weighs in at 10 lbs. and he is only two feet tall, he'll be the smallest man alive and will be placed in the Guinness Book.

BK never ceases to amuse me with their ads.

NEAT-O: this iPhone skin allows you to charge your phone without plugging it in all you do is put it on and place it on a "charging pad" and it instantly begins to charge your phone, this concept is sick, but it's a tad too pretentious for me.
"They should make an iPhone charger that charges off of pretentiousness."

finallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy: so people don't have to keep AIM open just to maintain a lifeless convo ;)

Yeah she lost meh, she's still recovering, maybe next year?

I just really like this sign lol via HB

(330): First off: I'm drunk so fuck you. Second: you weren't a bad girlfriend. Tres: thats 3 in spanish. Number 4: fuck 3 Doors Down

(206): got weed?
(425): I'm really tired of you accidentally texting me when your doing illegal things. I'm taking away your phone.
(206): sorry mom...

(617): I would do horrible things to your vagina.
(978): Prove it.

(479): I'm going to save the lime from my McDonald's salad to use in my Corona later tonight.

a peach a plum, a half a stick of chewing gum...

this mesh bag is pretty BA

this car? is as well