So... I'm going to Chi-Town at 10 AM. Yeah I know I've been all over the map, literally.
Haven't updated since I got back, and not to worry I will post with pictures whennnn I get back. :o)

My flight was changed so I was forced to travel to three states in one day -_- fml.
I felt like this:

this necklace is god.

why is Amber such a hottie?

uhhh GTFO CB? kthxbai.

preggo and gorgeous...still.

STOP being so fucking trendy, my I's hurtz.

me likey silver things!!!

These photos are gorgeous :: Evan.
you all know I lovelovelove black and white if not look here:

He's attractive. I still remember him from Even Stevens though haha

Sooooo apparently there's a Green Lantern movie?!?!

Michael Jackson's personal arcade, I'm jealous.

This ruler is siiiick, it measures from where you put the pencil first and then tells you the length....illnastybby.

I neeeeed this, maybe for my dorm room? The hand has an eraser on the bottom so it erases the things you write down as time goes by, nifty eh?


so you trenddddy mother-lovers with your fixie bikes , ever get thirsty?!?!? I BET YOU DO!


[ I was rooting for VENUS ]

I must see his new movie, plus he's looking quite dashing.

I'll catchya when I get back!!!!!!
Next Tuesday bitches.