She He Says I Am The One....

For starters I need this in my life.

Uhhhhh I didn't know she sang...

she hot

ROFL. I fucking love these, but damn.

Ayo man?

The Un-Building, this photo rox.

oooooo me likey this chair.

Okay I'm not a fan on one-pieces but this SUCKS, she was forced to drop out of her race too because of this -_-.

These are of course the exceptions :o).

When it comes to condoms, put two on.

errr I have no idea how but these goldfish are living in a deep fryer

This for some odd reason reminds me of seven pounds. It's not a jellyfish though, it's a sea cucumber. -_- who knew?

I need this for my shower.

Jinsu Park, a korean designer, has designed this concept pen which enables the user to scan a color from any real life object, then use it instantly for drawing. The pen uses RGB inks mixed together by the sensor in order to create the right color.

tee hee.

that hoodie reminded me of this: [ and yes hoodIE, hoody's are for lames]

this book is like a blast from the past, I grew up to these! :o)

FINAL ISSUE OF VIBE and THIS is what's on the cover -_-

This looks dope. I love Acai berries