Baby If You Give It To Me...

Hehe, I was just listening to some oooooold songs from back in the day. 90's music mostly. Yes I'm a 90's baby and proud.

So I've succumbed to the fact that I leave for college in 18 days. I'm stoked,amp'd,excited,ready,pumped,jazzed,and all other emotions.

Yeah I'm a little nostalgic that I won't be seeing my friends for a good amount of time, but that's okay ya know? You NEED to move forward with your OWN life, in my opinion.

High school was an important part of my life, keyword WAS, and I'm ready to close that chapter, completely. Yeah there's a bunch of people I'll miss, but then again, there's a swarrrrm of those who I won't; truth hurts, get the fuck over it.
BENTLEY it's on.

well because I felt like buying them DAMMIT, I decided I needed to purchase a few things...for fun (:

Ha I love ridiculous nights with old pals.

yeaaaah-no nike.

What THE EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, I love the laney colorway, then you had to go and do this JB.......die.

these vans.....blah.

Finallllly. oh wait, there's only one. silly celebs ;)

If only this piece of metal or aluminum or uranium whateverthehellitis didn't cost 500+ dollars, I'd own one, or two.

can't wait to get my issue bby.

Lemme get a seven and a half in a size seven, thanks =)

I'm assuming this is what Kanye eats his sushi with, they cost about 450 -_- which is 448 more than I'm willing to spend on a pair.

I mean this just screams I'm a fucking D-Bag.

These stools would be going in my house if I had one.

yes they're made from recycled skate decks.

Deluxe Monopoly Set...yes
Price Tag of Seven

Spy coins for the win.

shiet if these were on the streets in Boston I would hail one everyday.

well of course it's raining .......surprise surprise. not.
I'll be needing this.

cannot wait for this.

it's a short film.

uhhhhh SCORE. boooooyaahh.

tis' made out of paper, I want one for my dorm room, which I have not gone shopping for by the way, not to mention that I move in relatively soon seventeen days NBD.

This is a must for the dorm haha

three-dee etch a sketch for the WIN.

I plan on getting this for my desk. At some point.

useeeee tha foarce.
chop sabers...JEDI STYLE.

yeah F that ish.

don't be silly and just wrap your willy.

AMBER ROSE for Complex. do me?

Aiight babes.
stay dry.
keep it raw.