To overly sensitive men:

I mean seriously if it's the one thing I cannot stand the most about the opposite sex, is when they are in fact more sensitive than women! I mean for fuck's sake wheeerrreee did your testosterone go? Do you want me to direct you to find some more? shiiieeet. I'm not saying it's not okay to be sensitive [guys], but not to the point where we feel like we might hurt your feelings if we asked if you wanted to play video games instead of watch "Fever Pitch". gaahhh.

OMG DO ME. please?

uhhhhhhhhhh, HELLO.

I love him, seriously....

okay I'm done lol sorry. naahhhhht.
this pahkin' meter is MINE. - Bill lmfao.


and is it just me, but does this seem like a terribad idea. I mean who's the genius that thought it would be a good idea to make it okay for your dog to legit do ALL OF THEIR biz allllll over the "rug", and how would one go about cleaning said "rug"

This woman has had fifty-one surgeries to look like Queen Nefertiti....WTS.

lmfao ....this guy.
He apparently likes the idea of photographing his muse naked in a crowded, yet often ILLEGAL place. I personally, think it's hilarious.
[NYC subway]

I want one of these. nao.

you could fill it with Kool-Aid!!! -- I so didn't just suggest that...

this clock is fucking illnasty. The only prob is that it only says things in five minute intervals, which is alright with me. There's apparently a dot on each corner to tell you the ones in between. sick huh?

for those who can't read clocks with hands -_- ^^^^^^

dude now you can take a shit in the dark!...seriously.

It costs seven lbs. a roll. lol

dude I soooo want to buy this: via Urban. Price: probably an arm and two legs.

Why was I deprived as a child?!?!?! my kids are getting these.

I like this video, a lot.

the hot ice thing is INSANE. where the fuck can I get this stuff?!??!

Nigel T.

please for the love of god. STOP.

I'm from New York, New Yoorrrkkk Boston, Bostonnn..
new Stüssy store.

I'm seeing them this week, I cannot fucking waiitttttttttttt.

I'm MikeyKibbee I rock riiighhhtttt.

Speaking of Mikes, this is Tyson's house [abandoned]. eww @ the pool.

she's one smart cookie!

uhhh can I has a pillow???!!!!!

why are you so crazy?

and where the fuck are your pants?!?!?

When I heard about the ridiculous things parents were doing for Miley Cyrus tickets I laughed, now you know why:

I don't think I've ever wanted to drive a BMW so bad in my entire life. well maybe if it were in black.


Oh and I don't know howwwww I get myself into these things but I'm now in a rap battle?
remember it's alll love, we're friends so we're just kidding :o).
Him [left] Me[right]

Good morning World.

please, keep it raw.