Fiiiiinally you say? A decent post hmm? yea, you're about as shocked as I am.
College life isn't exactly as I would have hoped, but trust me when I say I love it. :o)
The change I was longing for is finally here, and I cannot wait until the rest of the students get here.
- It's different here, that's all I can say.

HOWEVER, I might just shank a few people within the next couple of hours, if I hear one more useless conversation about useless materialistic bullllllllllshet. GET A FRIGGEN LIFE kthxbai.
You'd think that since people are in college they wouldn't be so hung up on things that have little to no importance in the grand scheme of things. Given that I'm the one that's judging this whole "grand scheme of things" and all. But I mean really, the fact that you're how old?! and you still feel the need to brag about what kind of car your drive or how many coach bags you have, just do us all a favor and play in traffic, thanks.


So apparently Absolut Vodka, has made a "Boston" flavor, not sure how it's gunna taste but I'm with it.

my friends and I were discussing the fact that Drake used to talk to thiiiis trick ;)
like really? you've done better.

I laugh when people say Butter Face and others have no idea what they're saying, not that I condone making fun of others. [via complex]

I sooooo agree with this one. GaGa has a smokin' bod but ...yeah....

LIES, it's all lies, well most of the 50 pairs should not be in that list.

I know I'm late but RIP DJ AM.

If only I wasn't so far away from civilization while at school.

So I posted something about these in Black a while back, I like the Black pair much better.
you be the judge.

straight outta :

"School Daze" I's , me likey JB.

you all know that I love Star Wars.

Well since I constantly say "I'll stab you". This seemed fitting.

.....typical GUY shirt. AKA why I'm attracted to it.

I wish I had these:

Dude I soooo want one of these, it's a personal hand-held AC.

lol this is true:

OG Fake x New Era , I realllly love the strap in the back. nom nom nom nom.

I need this chain, that is all.

Dude! some guy thought it would be a great idea to sell pears shaped like Buddha's he was right, I would so buy one.

This tat, I like it.

Ian Crawford, you sir, are a god. [Photographer]

T. Doyle, on the other hand, his art reminds me of the CSI episodes about the serial killer who used miniatures to show his crimes in advance. In a good way.

I'm sooooo buying this for my desk it's only 25 dollars! Your gadgets can be charged while they go on a picnic!!!!

so with that said.
I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaa-ccccckkkkkkk.

keep it raw.