People who have absolutely no manners disgust me. sorry.
Why can't men be just friends with a woman?
apparently it's not possible, nor can they respect the fact that a woman already has someone... "He don't have to know" or my favorite "what's that supposed to mean".

Last one regarding the VMA's, I promise

Okay so I had a seminar about rape a few days ago, and it was really well acted out, and I can honestly say that I wasn't all. Which was a pleasant surprise.
Anyway, I came across this thing today, I'm not really sure who in their right mind would buy this, nor if it would actually work, but hey! if you want to prevent rape, give it a go?

It's called a "Rape Axe" and apparently will attach itself onto the "attacker". Once it's on they need medical assistance? the hell if I know....

this is a ridiculous friggen urinal.

Fall '09 Pumps :Bruno, the colors are ravishing

When I was in eighth grade apparently the seniors filled the pond outside our high school with decent-sized rubber ducks, the prank cost was pretty high, but it was worth it. After seeing this picture, I now have an overwhelming urge to put a huge duck in the pond now.

Marchesa, you are a god.

I would so have this dress in my wedding

For those who are obsessed with Guchi , or just like the SB's then this hat if for you, regardless if you're from Brooklyn.

if this is what the PS4 looks like....SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. right now.

I'm getting kinda tired of the whole "of all time" line, but for those who aren't sick of it, this shirt is for you.

And to those who dislike Ye:

These are the new Vintage Blazers! I'm not really a fan but to each is their own.

These GO HARD. Idk if I could pull them off but I know someone will be rocking them at some point this year.

Dude this lamp is siiiick, to use it you have to break off the top, dissolve a tablet, and it runs on ......BLOOD. It's a one time use thing.

Kevin Cyr, your paintings are marvelous.

E. Kalis this concept is dope, not to mention I always loved underwater photos.

for those who have iPhones and are obsessed with them, I suppppose this is for you. But I do have to admit that the idea is awesome, I mean it fits in your wallet for crying out loud.

this couch is something that I want in my future house .BLANK

Hello Kitty meet Doctor.

oooohhhhhh snap!

Michelle, you look stunning!

this chair looks siiick.

The fact that this shirt has a lego base on it is just insane, I fucking need this shirt in my wardrobe.

This is going in my office, hands down.

Tonight is on baby.

keep it raw.