May All Your Thoughts Be Sham-pag-nee & Patron.


Yes I pronounced it sham-pag-nee, whatchu gon' DO?!

well let's see this past weekend a lot has happened, then again my idea of a lot now that I'm in college means little to nothing like it used to be.

currently at work counting down the minutes until I get to get the eff louda hear (asian voice).

nothing is really new with me, things at school are legit, aside from a few tiffs that aren't really that important to me. I've come to yet another moment of clarity, an epiphany if you will, about the personalities of others, whateva yo. You can't expect everyone to like you, nor should you fret over those who don't, it's like crying over spilled milk, not that I ever really got that expression.

Yesterday night Dre and I took a stroll around Copley, not only did I fall in love with three out-a two storefronts but I realized I wanted to buy about two-thousand dollars worth of stuff, go figure ;)

Balmain, do me.

Dakota you are an inspiration.

this Asian girl is d0pe, do I know her name? nope lol.

okay so I came across this photo today and I thought to myself, hey I used to do that, when I was a little kid of course. ::shifty eyes::

yeah so after seeing this photo, I'm kinda impartial to it, not sure if it's really that bad, or if I find it hot, weird I know.

I cannot wait for the new season of True Blood to start, no bull.

Ed do me Westwick.

these will be added to the collage, indubitably.

Alessandra A & Ana B. for UK GQ.

Jimmy Choo please make your shit available when I head to H&M, kthxbye =)

Naked Lego chicks, cah-yoot.

French Playboy anyone? which reminds me that I really should buy everything that a normal eighteen year old would buy.

Ivan you are a fucking genius, I commend you.

I can only imagine going through airport security with my data files in one of these bad boys , oh the trouble that would cause...

this bar stool is fucking RAW.

When I see you this comes to mind my dear, this comes to mind.

keep it raw.