It's Been A Long Time

Shouldn'a left you, left you.

I'm sorry for the lack of post for the past couple of weeks, life's been really hectic

Seeing as I'll probably have some sort of annoying, tedious office job for some portion of my life, I'd rather have some kickass paper shelves, I mean come on, who WOULDN'T want these?!

why do you have to be so goddamn trendy woman?!

Can I just sayI'm fucking saying that it's been extremely cold here in Boston, January sucked! It snowed like a motherlover, and at the worst times too, I can't wait for weather.

GaGa.......yeah no.

this is fucking hilarious, sorry to all you CBreezy fans.

Dig this! it's a laptop case that's made out of the shell of an old book, thus disguising it from the illiterate, hehe I keed, but it is a sweet concept, I might think about maybe buying one, one day.

My mom just told me the other day that Mickey D's now has free Wi-Fi!!!! Not that I'm encouraging you to go out and inhale a quarter pounder with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, bacon, mayo.... or anything.

Hey look guys!!! It's a mini cupcake maker!!!!!!!! I find stuff like this to be extremely cute, yes I just called an miniature oven cute sue me. Maybe it's cuz I never had an easy bake when I was a child, or then again it might be because I'm hungry.

I need these lamps in my life. They're mood lamps! Not only does the fact that you can control it said mood lighting, but you can get up to 16 million count em' million colors!

this pool table is fucking sexy, I don't give a damn if you think otherwise.

here's it in action:

Gregor C. I like it :)

I want these photos on my wall, immediately

Scandalous no?

NOT that I like S. Jobs or anything, but this table concept is freaken illnasty my freng.

Rocks Paper Scissors shoot!

I lovelovelove, the thought process behind these notebooks, because I feel that my writing always tends to slant that way as well, and it would be much easier to write if the lines happened to follow suit.

this is a fanfuckingtastic idea, not only do I find it semi-awkward and uncomfy when I'm biking, not that I do it often, but when I do, to stop when I occasionally decide to obey traffic laws, like those people who oddly bike back and forth trying to stay balances when you know in their head this is going on: "shitshitshit, don't fall, you're good, shit"

mineminemine. all mine baby. I lied, but I do want to purchase this.

digg this, it's an edible wedding dress!!!!!

next all hallows, this needs to be in someone's front yard.

I want these in my future home.

these tee's are pretty dope, but I feel that all the trendy keedz are gunna be wearing them eventually, which isn't my thang.

enough for now I'm tired as hell, I promise to post more next month. January was an off month.

keep it gangstaah [F Fifty]