And Another One Bites The Dust.

Stupid Cavs, with their stupid LBJ and their stupid fans.

Still bummed my fav, Pierce THE TRUTH, didn't play. Hope your thumb heals at God speed.

Just imagine yourself sitting court side next to these two hehe

I feel like myself again though, which is good, I realized that I was starting to lose myself which was just fucking dumb. -_-

moving on to happier things:

Okay I know that guys find her attractive, but to me her ass is just too damn big .BLANK. (point blank period)

I like these ads for some odd, odd reason.

I was watching skeleton the other day with Ace, and we thought that this sport was way too fucking intense. There's 5 G's worth of gravitational force, they're going around the track at speeds up to 90 mph, shit is bananas. The question I asked myself was, how in the hell do you even know you're GOOD at a sport like that?!?! Like you just woke up one day and were like "hey maybe I'll run really fast jump on a sled, and spin around a horizontal track at high speeds laying face first, face down...."

yay olympics :o)

I really like these headphones. I'd want a different color scheme though: blue, black, and purple all day.

Rosie Jones, she's pretty dope I must say.

I wanna play dodgeball!!!!
largest game ever, according to Guinness

I want this coffee table in my living room right now.

my mom needs about 29173128371230 of these stickers with the stacks of newspapers she's got -_-

this is so nerdy and cute, I wanna print a bunch of these and just hand them out for all the wrong things that I've done hehe.
they cost 3.75


this bench is illnasty, I don't think I would wanna have one of my own but I would mos definitely wanna sit on it at some point in my life.

this doll if creepy as fuck, but I'm drawn to it for some really strange reason.

dude this jug thermos is an ill concept (: I think it would leak though.

I want this belt, but I'm afraid it would smell no? plus it would not go through the loops of jeans well, sadface.

haha this mouse looks like a vagina, yes I said vagina. They also cleverly named it the "G Point"

these are too much to handle. Alberto Russo I like it.

this lamp makes me giggle :o)

I plan on buying a case of these tmrw, in a beer drinking mode, sorry to those who find beer gross. MAN UP, I keed, I keed, but seriously.

I know this is random, but the warm weather is coming up which means the bugs will be out, and as you know [and if you don't you know now], that I hatehatehate.hate.loathe.want to kill all, bugs. Mowesqeetos are the worst. And if you're wondering why I hate bugs, just look at this motherfuh-

This clock pretty much sums up my idea of my time spent at school.

I like this concept a lot, I mean a Grass Lamp, how much cooler can you possibly get? Well I guess you could gross a different kind of grass in it? no?

Is it bad that I wanna break my wrist just so I can get this kind of cast? I think not.

this is siiiiick, coffee maker, frother, and toaster, I would probably only use the toaster, but the fact that it's lithium powered is cuh-ray-zee.

The world as we know it! Apparently this is the most accurate picture of earth to date...who knew?

I'm gunna need about three sets of these especially ones that come with extra cards from the far right side of the box, thxkbye.

35 bills

K I'm heading to bed.

ciao for now

keep it infinitely ....