Only After Midnight.

I just got back from Shutter Island.....
it was just as good as the wait, if not better. If you haven't seen it yet (although it's only been out a day) go friggen see it, like right now, kthxbye.

This is a brief update, I know I know, why the hell haven't you posted?!
To be honest it's the cold weather, and I've been feeling extremely lazy. I stink, but once the weather warms up, and I get a new camera you'll wish I never had a blog ;)

this movie was kickass, and I digggg the artwork.

TAKE THAT colts fans. mwahahaa

I wish I skateboarded....

my dad would love this thing, I walk in the bathroom sometimes and he's literally using a comb to get the last bit out -___- he reminds of Chris's dad from Everybody Hates Chris when he does that... "that's 23 cent wortha toothpaste, somebody gon use this toothpaste"

this is siiiick, it's made from staples in the wall, how genius is that? I'll tell you, very.

I really like this concept I just honestly don't think that the chair/sofa/loveseat would be too comfy that's all.

I want one of these contraptions in my living room.

Noteput – Interactive music table from Jonas Heuer on Vimeo.

tee hee, Ace is getting a haircut all of them cut <---- hahahha (o:3, I think barbers should really consider investing in these.

Don't stop don't miss. Just do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now.

hothothothot. I'm clearly talking about Jessica (:

drool much?

I wanna take a shower right now.

this is what I call risque.

keep it raw.