We Bang This Is The Club.

I need to give this person a shout for their work. Read or die (o:3

People who constantly search for music that they hear in the clubs or mixes of popular songs on the radio, here is the place for you to go asap.

Ryan Ghods, a Freshman at Bentley University, decided that instead of people having to look up songs they hear from memory or sift through long lists and sites just to find a particular song, he would do all the heavy lifting. Which in turn means, contacting local DJs (and others) and posting their mixtapes on the web, he hosts ALL of the files, so they'll be there years after if you're still searching for it, and the great thing is it's FREEFREEFREE.free.freefree.pro-bono. I mean what more could you ask for?!

I mean if you're sick of trying to remember the one or two lines you heard from the song that night but you can clearly remember the beat, there's a good fucking chance this place has what you're looking for, so give it a go.
Ryan's also a Marketing/Media double major, enjoys long walks on the beach and is single and ready to mingle, I'm kidding, well at least about the last part but for serious, he's a young entrepreneur and he's ready to do it big, so show some support and if not well then fuck you but have a nice day.