Howdy !
I know it's been a bit, but I haven't had much to say lately, the camera I ordered was out of stalk......not to worry I blew up the company (:

It's been really nice out lately, so I've been taking full advantage of it while it lasts, aka why I haven't really touched a computer lately.
I hope you all have been taking advantage of the days nights like I have, haha.

Went to Royale on Friday, it was a blast. Maybe I'll find some pictures [if I'm not too lazy].

I really need a camera right now ):


I really wanna go bike riding, I can remember the last time I went bike riding, it's like you grow up and forget what used to make you happy as a kid. The world where things are simple.

this seems like a really good idea, of course they're probably extremely expensive, so the chances of people buying them are pretty small.

I ran out of chopsticks a while ago, and every time I eat ramen without them I feel like I'm committing a felony hahha. gimme a pair please :o)

Jefferey V. Me Likey

Stuntin' is a habit get like me you. I wish my old car [which was a terribad lemon of a saab sometimes] looked like this.

I'm really diggin' this red carpet series.

this is illnasty.

what a fabulous idea, this is something I would do hahah, I mean if I ate bagels as often as I used to.

I always wondered if this was possible actually, funny it showed up today.

this couch is a really neat idea, I probably wouldn't buy it for my living room, but I definitely would want a smaller version as a chair for my desk though. Designed by Eastpak.

this ring is fabulous, if only it wasn't in red....
it's forty-four bills.

I hate sewing because I can never get the thread in the needle, I mean honestly who makes the opening that small.

this will be my coffee table, it's been decided.

I'm buying this ring as we speak.

I really hope this yo-yo concept works. I miss my yo-yo, gotta find that ish, Duncan ALL DAY.
I can still walk the dog, come get some.

holy shit pizza.

This is one huh-youuuuudge cup of hot chocolate, yeah I say hot chocolate instead of cocoa. sue me.

I want this decal for my peephole for my dorm door.

mad true. It's like every girl I see is missing more than one sometimes -_-.

keep it raw.