Here Comes The Sun.

Yeah I wish I could say that, but it's like every time the sun comes out, it's for a span of two or three hours followed by days and days and daysdaysdays of rainrainsnowsleet.annoying precipitation.
I'm just praying for good weather, and patience.
shit has not been going my way, for quite some time now, and as much as I like to not pay it any mind, I've had it up to HERE. long story short ultimatums blow, but are sometimes necessary if the problem persists for too long or is too great. Just my opinion, take it or leave it.

Call me crazy but I think a boatload of persons are experiencing seasonal depression right now, it may be very small, but I feel like it's still there. I need to get away, whether it's for a day, an hour, a minute, alright maybe not a minute, or an hour, preferably more than a day actually, but at this point I'm really up for anything I can get.

any ideas for a last minute vacation?  formspring me :o)

Why is it that people have no manners these days? If you spill something on someone you clean it up, or at least offer, if not, go play in traffic. You aren't entitled to anything, the world would be better off if people had this mindset.

meh enough rambling.

I want a toast wallet! thirteen dollars I believe. MmMmmm toasty.....

 DO ME. Porsche 918 spider hybrid

2010 Freshman Class, take a looksie, courtesy of double x el. XXL

this looks like a terrible Nissan. I mean look at the side view....blah
I have no way to type how people make the vomiting noise, but trust and believe if I did it'd be on here, right next to this. :o)

Koh-Bee!! not really a fan, but I think it's because I'm a hater, sadface. Kobe Bryant for GQ.

 I'm not a fan of camping or being in the "outdoors" at all really, but this jacket/sleeping bag? thingy? is pretty darn nifty, the two fiddie pricetag however, is not.

love this. I'd be on the deep fried pork loin/lasagna diet probably 8 out of the 7 days.

Fishy silverware !!!!!!!! me likey. pwease buy zem heeyah.

this gaming headset needs to be on my head/ears right NOW. Fuck a beats headphones.

 I lied fibbed. I want these headphones, you can get them custom made with any words you want. FUCK YEAHbby.


hahaha this shirt makes me laugh. Rawr angry pacman. Maybe I'm sick, or maybe people just suck =P.

I need this thermos in my life, and I don't even drink coffee/tea/hot beverages. I actually find hot beverages to be for pussies, but that's just me. I like hot chocolate in the summertime, go head' call me cuh-ray-zay.

LMFAO. poor girl, but this is just too damn funny.

I miss Sony too. I remember growing up waiting for the bus to pick me, I thought I was the bee's knees? beezneez? the shit, with my walkman <---- get on my level.

tee hee , since we're , well I'm reminiscing....I miss floppy disks, what I don't miss about them is that if you dropped them. Buh-Bye files.  But these pillows are freaken adorable.

Sheng Duo I like these, they remind me of those insurance commercial, or at least I think they're insurance commercials, hopefully you watch tv and know what I'm talking about.

vagina anyone? Bags by Simon W.

WALL OF SOUND!!!!!!!!! Alright so it costs five g's, but hey if you have money to blow, why the fuck not?

tee hee so cute, yet so sad.

doo dawp dip-ih-tee. Vans   x   Stussy "Black Sheep", I want a pair.

A. McQueen "I dig your steez" <--- never do I say that. I like these, RIP.
I suppose these are for men, but maybe that's why I like them.

gimmegimmemore.moremoremore. JB ya did good.

I wish everyone that owned a La-trash polo, had a bunch of those crocs on em JUST LIKE THIS.

 that's all for now.
I need a camera.....fml.

keep it raw.