I Don't Read The Newspaper.

Cuz they all have ugly prints.

I love that song. ^^ Six Days [ I believe it's DJ Shadow and Mos Def ]

I have had no motivation to post anything this past week just because I've been living life haha. I mean I've been taking each day at a time, doing things that I want to do. Okay you caught me, I still don't have a fucking camera....but it's coming within the next couple of days thank the Lord. It's extremely aggravating to e-mail pictures from my phone and put them online...so...I just don't do it lol. Bad, bad Kibbee, sue me.

Been talking with my wonderful half Asian [all amazin']Australian lover a lot, and it's good for both of us I think. We're both going through semi-similar things, and although we don't go to school together, nor have we ever, we have some pretty kickass memories. So take time out to be with people who matter to you, damn.
SKC you know I gotchu. (:

Blah. <--- how I've been feeling lately. There's so much to do in so little f-ing time.

Currently watching the Celtic's game, Paul please be okay. WE NEED YOU.

Word to the wise, if you ask a woman if something is wrong and she says nothing, chances are there's something fucking wrong. And when we say go ahead, that's a good inclination to what we want to do which is, get in your face and scream "ARE YOU SERIOUS". When we say whatever, we mean fuck off and fuck you. Just a few words of wisdom. (o:3