Take Two.

starting over.

I personally am not really a fan of Creative Rec. just because idk they're stuff doesn't really appeal to me, maybe it was the bright colors or the really bad blends but I was always sort of turned off, these however aren't that damn bad, I must say.

lmfao iPad imaxi I lovelovelove the satire.

 not sure why everyone is obsessed with Nicki so much, I don't think she's a Barbie. Whenever I hear her voice I cringe then I get the urge to hit her, I guess that's just me no?
Nicki Minaj for Premier Mag.

Laura Peterson for Complex Mag, meh, nice try.

I cannot wait for this movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer 2 in HD

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

I'm famished and I really wanna heat up my leftovers and eat them with these (:

dude this is fucking awesome!!!!!

Well seeing as the guy who made this coffee table/piano's name is Georg yep no E cuz he got it like that, means that it's kickass. Pricetag: 6k

take me away from here, take me somewhere, where love is like breathing.

lmfao a sleeved blanket?! okay not gunna lie I though about this and realized that it was a pretty good fucking idea, I hate when I'm sitting up watching tv and a draft invades my lower body thus causing me to do sushi rolls -_- <--- phail whale.

Sony has a compact SLR....do me.

this water bottle is fucking illnasty, it filters itself -_- how cool is that. "You could putchyo weed indair"

tee hee iPhone cookies :o)

I fucking need this bag in my life. nownownownow
it costs 175, which is 175 too much right now , sadface.  but feel free to buy it for me here

 this bracelet makes my heart flutter. why the fuck is it four hundred and sixty dollars -_-

gimme gimme gimme.

Best Pictured Cocktails of 09, and I want them all...
does that make me an alcoholic? do I care what you think? lol kidding, kidding.
blue flying dragon

exploding sidecar



I want some white sangria now. Who's down to get loose this weekend?!

 Good night world, gettin' up early for breakfastslow wit tha kid.

keep it raw baby.