the waiting game.

Sometimes people need time and space to fuck up. Self epiphany's are the shit.
I know it sounds harsh, but I've come to realize that in this world at least, that's the only way you're gunna learn. People will not change their minds about anything if they don't see a problem with their own logic. I like leaving people be, I'm allll for giving my two cents when asked, but you can't help those who don't want to be helped. Mind you, there are times where people need to be told that they need help, but fuck it.

I tend to lose interest in things easily, but I'm always down to new, new [ATL], shit. I'm alll for new ways at looking at the same thing, why does changing your mind suck? I honestly don't think it's bad, as long as you stick with it. Don't flip-flop fa no reason, make it stick. If you say something, do it. Sometimes sorry ain't enough homeboy.

I like a chase, I don't mind if I'm the cat or the mouse, as long as you give me a reason to run.

on a lighter note,

fuck lotto, I'll get the seven digits from your mother for a dollah tah-mawrow.