I feel like my insides have been are in a blender.

Hehe my cousin sent me these pictures today, made me smile for the first time in a while.
and now you cannot deny that you love us Austin!
I love my family. Gunna have to dig through the 9812347128949023 photos my mom takes of everything to top these though.

embrace the martian, embrace the martian, I come in peace.
everything that's real ain't perfect, fuck ups build character (o:3

trying my best here, enjoy:


Money ain't shit. I mean yeah it helps out with life a bit, okay a fucking lot a bit, but if you ain't happy what's the sensecents?

Oh lawd.

I want this fucking umbrella.

when people are in arguments I think of this hahaha



skittles vodka.....gimme that ish

1. Separate your skittles into colours
2. Mix 60 skittles and approx. 180mL vodka in empty water bottles
3. Shake the bottles well and leave them overnight.
4. Lots of white residue will be left, filter this out using a coffee filter or similar. Depending how viscous it is you may have to repeat this step.
5. Chill (in freezer) and serve.

after seeing that I want some fucking kiwi..YES KIWI .

I would love to wake up like this, ya feel me?

well damn.

and people wonder why I love Nike... -_-

hahahah fucking krispy ass dude.

my friend since my diaper years had this phone, I remember telling my dad I wanted a phone in my room, this shortly followed: "you must be out your damn mind"
- welcome to my childhood - haha

WORD. I mean seriously when are people gunna grow up, trying to "holla" at people via car if they think we can't see that they're driving with their mom. What is this high school?

^ this comes to mind:

I cannot fucking wait. April Twenty-Nine-nth baby.

so can you do me a favor, make it sooner than later, and I realize I waited, to know.

agreed. (o:3 well partially anyway, but I bet you'll never guess which part.

I need to feel like this.

shawty get in.

tee hee, I know guys wish this was real, well at some point at least.

idk if these are good, a part of me wants to try it at some point, but a part of me also knows I should probably not try it sober.

errr that's kinda intense don't ya think lol. I'm still the same, I think..

I have to do this before I go to sleep. I KNOW I'm not alone.

I came across this shirt today, asjhdjkasjdklajsdklajsd, this shirt is badass.
I know you'd like it.

It's starting to get close to my favorite time of the know what that means baby.

Queen of hearts. That movie was pretty rad I must say.

hahah, oh spongebob drugpants.

err....probably not a good idea old man.

I'm alllll set with that shit

I'm hungry as shit, and this looks pretty damn good.

tee hee!!!!! I love these!

chocolate shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I say I'm fine half the time, because I know you don't give a fuck anyway.

I wanna do this, like now.

fucking Steve, stop raping my fucking wallet.

D.May Photography,I like it.

there's this kid I know who reminds me of Bull's Eye from DareDevil. Shits crazy.

I'm the person who wants Tiger to win every competition he enters this season, just cuz it'd be fucking hilarious. (:
this commercial however....

And people wonder why Kirby's my favorite...

kirby> all other characters.

Who wouldn't wanna live in a tree house, shiet

Silva you're a fucking genius. They're made of bunnies! (o:3 <--- bunny!

gunna go get fooooood. yezzzzir.
tee hee.


keep it raw.