I Wanna Do Real Bad Things With You.

Fuck you Poreotix. I cannot wait for the episode tmrw night, probably will have to tape it but JABBA, all I gotta say.

painted my nails, all white errrthang, haha I wish I had skills like these though, minus the whole Chanel thing though,not a fan really.

kush and orange juice. more like apple juice, idk what these people are talking about -_-

listen to it and tell me whatcha think!

I really wanna try this soon

That Tree huh?

If I skated , my feet would be on this board. haha , I know I told you I tried a few times, but it was that embarrassing, and when I say that bad, I mean exactly that.

Mirror maaaaan. Dude has an extremely large amount of mirrors allll over hid body, that's nuts man.

Terry R. love the shoot, Pharrell's the man yo, and Lupe's a Jedi.

oh noes, what happened to Sonic?!

portable record player?!??!?!?! Once I get the moolah I'm on it.
150.00 baby

hehe sometimes, I get the urge to draw on paper towels, funny I came across this today (:


hahahaha, amen.

it's coming.....you know what I'm talking about hehe.

yummmmmm, I want this right now.

I'm a girl who likes to shoot people. tee hee.

I wanna dance. seeeee, I like to do girl things.
plus I love to do hood rat stuff with my frayngs.

get on my body.

I think I'm gunna cut the sleeve off my jacket, random I know, but idk why do I need two? plus I hardly wear it anyway...

rofl copter.

whoa.....I wanna jump in there.

ehhh, not a fan of this look. but to each is their own. No need to force shit though damn.

GIVE ME YOUR JACKET. or I'll be forced to rob you.

and people say Asians aren't hot -_-

I need about 893714 of these, I'm always dropping stuff in liquid, I'm quite the clutz, sue me.

any thoughts? I really have a hard time with this question, faahk.

in the middle of the night, do you think about me? don't try to fight it.

dude this clam eats PEOPLE. fuck that shit.

my mind has been blown.

now that is cool:


alright I'm off to find shit I've misplaced..

keep it funky and raw.