It's whatever, I'm doin me.

I don't back down from anything that I hold value to, but even this is questionable.

Return of the Mack (o:3
Kid Cudi
Fifty AKA Ferrari
BoB , who mind you I have found a new respect for, I mean dude is influenced by the Ojays, when people of this generation can get on his level, let me know. Appreciate the people who made it before you, shit, they did all the heavy lifting.

^^^^ all of them have been in heavy rotation. Get LIFTED.

watch this fucking movie.

everything that glitters is not gold.
all gold is not reality.
real is what you live to be.

I found my damn camera, of course it was no where that I remember having it, what else is new?

Went back to work this weekend, and it really wasn't as bad as I remembered it, or maybe that's because I haven't got paid in about a month, whichever really.

Nothing really new has been happening, just getting through these last few weeks.

well, you can't say I didn't try...

goodnight, and good luck.