me likey breadsticks, me likey breadsticks! - Lois Griffin

I'm free (:

First time in a bit that I'm having a good day, I woke up late per usual, but I mean what else is new haha. okay the more I think about it, I'm ready to pass out RIGHT NOW.

I look like I'm lost. -_-

Went bowling the other night at about two am, my friend Sally is a fucking champ. Girl has never played ten pin and of course she gets a turkey....gooooooood.

I fucking hate facebook, texting,"bbm'ing" <--- uhhh yeah okay, aim, skype, oovoo, yahoo, all that crap. this too if you're using it JUST to keep tabs on things, I wanna start a fire and throw all that stuff listed in it haha, life's too short, have real conversations, there's nothing wrong with CALLING people to have a conversation -_- instead of relying on walls and shit how bout you just hang out in real life, or idk wait a couple of minutes without returning a text, it WILL STILL be there lol.

I was asked if a relationship was real, because it wasn't "FBO", I wanted to stab myself in the ear for knowing what FBO meant, but I also wanted to stab them too. It's a website....all I'm saying right now haha, if it's that big of an issue delete it?

meh, people suck, what else is new.

counter-strike and a beer? I think so haha


I want this shirt (:
"too many donuts"

get them here for a jackson.

Denis D. I dig your steez <--- fuck that word but it fits.sue me.

catch you foolios latah.

Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls
This 2010 ain't 1864
Yeah we come so far
So I drive around town hard top and its off
And my trop at the loft with my high brow Ah and my high yellow broad
And my dark skin sense and my best white mate say whats up to Chris
Hows that for a mix
Got a black president, got green presidents
Blue prints in my white iPod
Black diamonds in my Jesus piece, my God
We ain't tripping off that.