Not Easily Fooled.

I hope you guys all know that I post whatever, whenever, and even though I'm a straight up person, I find myself having to censor a little bit, but it's necessary or I'd probably have no friends :) haha.

Talking to people who see life the way I see it, gives me faith, and makes it easier for me to think that people don't all suck. It's just hard when you see the potential underneath all the bull. You try to reason with it, until you realize you're reasoning with a bunch of bullllshit, cuz that's all it is.

If you can't handle what I have to say, don't listen. Forewarned.

There's plenty of things that I tell people that they don't wanna hear, and yes I feel like I'm over a lot of things that people my age are all about, but that's just me. I've had my share of a a lot of shit, and there's some things that I still do even though I know it's fuckin' terribad, I never take my eyes off my goals and if I do, it ain't for long. I have no problem with people I know and love doing shit they shouldn't, never have and never will. It's when you stray off course that I find fault with your logic. My Dad and I are similar in too many ways. Talking to him usually goes in two directions either we're yelling or we talk for hours that's just how we are, as people, my whole family is like that. We see ourselves in each other which is why we get along so well, why my friends and anyone I care about get along so well. When I was younger alllll I heard myself saying was "SHUT UP"<--- in my head of course, but I just think it's funny how as time progresses I grow to love them even more. For those who read this for whatever reason whether it's because we're not as close as we were, you're too far away but still wanna know how I'm doing without feeling like you're prying, you dislike me, we have never had a real conversation but you'd like to, one thing to say, just do it. If you wanna talk to me but we're not friends or you think it's awkward, it's not like you have no idea how to contact me lol it's two-thousand fucking ten we stalk each other on facebook all the time it ain't rocket science. I'm a simpleton in a sense: I think if you're having a conversation and shit is getting like 5 texts deep, dial their bitch ass. Facebook don't make you friends. I don't like being around the same people all the time, shit I need my own damn time, and so do you whether you like it or not. Straying from my point... The point is I'm a straight shooter, I don't like beating around the bush I'll come out and say it right now if you believe it's what you want to hear, the times where it gets tricky is when I think you can handle what I mean and when I know you can't. I was raised to hate lying and now that I understand why. I feel the same, even apologize for it. If you care about someone, there is no real reason to lie. And ya know what I mean about LIE: not that I fell asleep shit, when you really didn't wanna go haha.
I believe what you tell me, but I'm different in the sense that I'm not a bullshitter, so don't even try, the only person you're bullshitting is yourself. I lay my cards on the table, I'm loyal until you give me reason not to be. I will do everything in my power to help you, in all honesty, until you see it as a weakness, as a fault, as a right. I don't have to do shit, so I usually won't. That's just how I am. And chances are if I'm probably ain't a good thing.

I've seen alotta shit in life, shit I wouldn't want to happen to anyone despite how you've wronged me. I'm not a spiteful, vengeful person , sue me. I put it all out there, and if you need to ask I'll tell you, and if you don't like it well ya don't, this isn't saying I'm not gunna change. I hope if you're reading this that you know me well enough to know I want the best of everyone, the best I know they can be, and if they don't want it well fuck it, cuz it ain't me.

Shit hits the fan, that's expected, all I wanna know is if you're gunna clean up your share, if you are ,we're cucumbers, if not it'll still be there when you decide to and if ya don't, best believe your shit will still be there, name and all, find someone else to clean it up. I ain't wit it.

I'm all about (insert number here) chances. Chances in general, I mean we all put up with crap no need to throw it in your face, and if I've done that to you, I sincerely am sorry, I did it out of anger and irrationality. And if you chose to forgive me, I thank you.

I'm doin' me if you're down for the ride, pull up next to me, ride with me.

keep it raw, but keep it real, say what you mean, mean how you feel. <--- ya like that hehe.