I'm all ways.always. here, you act like I'm hard to find.

Oh how I heart my fellow employee's, pokin' smot in the back, laughing at customers, listening to good musak, eating ten dollar sandwiches, and doin our jobs.
I love my job, even though I complain the shit out of it haha.

talked to my boy Aidz, no not the disease, about four twenty, his reasoning for not smoking tmrw was mine exactly, first the fuck what makes it different than any other fucking day, and second re-read the first. Not that we're against it happening tmrw but it's just another day in April you dumbasses. He's been through it all and I respect him for that, take notes kiddies.
"sleeping next to a glowing room is ridiculous" - A. Zag.

this weekend was too interesting all I gotta say.
I'll add more when I has the times.

I spray your scent on to remind me of the man you used to be.can be.wanna be. don't wanna be. hate. love. loathe. are.

If this is the way it's gonna be, erase me from your memory.

keep it raw.