Say Yes.

By Floetry, love them.

he love the way I riiiiiiiiide eht. After seeing the video I have an incredible urge to just dance, all day, errday. haha

tell you I love you, but when you call, I never get back.

word playa.

haha post-it gun?


I love this jacket, I would like it in white though, please and thankyou.



Banksy is the shit.

I posted these a bit ago, been tryna find where to buy these shirts. HYPEMEANSNOTHING.

beamerbenzbentley. not a fan but here it is for those of you who are!

haha whenever I eat gummy bears I always bite off their head and stick them on to different bodies (o:3

suitote, part suit part tote !


I'm not a fan of's a cool idea, idk how comfy it'd be though.

love this song. reminds me of fight club (:

McQueen you are a genius.

people need to listen to him more often.

Celtics are on tonight, get familiar with the truth.


haven't really been in the mood to talk about myself lately. dealwithit (: