prioritize yo.

shit takes time, tell me something I didn't know, but progress makes it an easier pill to swallow.

I'm not worried about it, cuz I knew from the beginning this wouldn't be easy.
and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm just trying to maintain composure so I can be strong if and when you get back. for myself.

Sheed maybe you should stop gettin' high before games or something, cuz dude, basket's the OTHER way homie.

currently watching twenty-one, and doing some homework, nothing screams college like research papers, projects, and presentations.
cannot wait for this weekend, well minus the rain anyway.

the days go by so slow, but at's as if I'm dragging the minute hand along.
there's only one thing that makes time seem irrelevant, the same thing that makes it stop.

I've searched around too, and wasn't nuttin workin', today helped, time stood still for a bit.

Just because we're not together doesn't mean we're not in love, just because I say I'm fine, doesn't mean my insides are level yet.

Something may very well be on the market, but it ain't fa sale tho.

I love this song:
Wish I could see through
See deep into you
And know what you're thinking now
And if I'm what you're needing
I need some kind of sign
Let me know cuz I can't read your mind

Are you in?
Or am I in this on my own?
I need some clue from you
Let me know

keep it focused.