Ain't Nothin' But A G Thang.

"It's hot as fuck but you just dying to ski." -Skateboard P

she on that coke diet.

I wanna be there right about now....funk soul brotha

whoawhoawhoa. cool. the time spent on this today..... -_-

haha "things stoners like : frozen Kit Kats".

I beg all of you to listen to Asher Roth (:

la dee dah dah dah, la dee dah dah dah, over.

I'd want a whole tub of this, if I knew it wasn't frozen yogurt =/

haha clever.

stop making me want you. you're just leading me on, you know I can't have you, I'm not even sure I want you. Damn you Steve.

these shades rule. I'd probably never wear them but I'd sure love to see someone else.

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars.

fuck that, stop pretending and one day you'll be in the sky living like a star.

I'm really I mean really, for some strange reason, attracted to this room.

I might have just peed a lil'. This thing swept my school like wildfire last semester, never been on it, but I hear it's a good time...?

tell me about it. I swear this makes me wanna go buy really hipster headphones and listen to alternative musak alllllll day long.

I think it's unhealthy to be this excited.

make it a double ^^

oh yeah

whaaaaaat, I wanna try alllll of these.


still don't. sometimes. Alright I'll give you a prop Kid.

my my, those are big. eyes, you have very big eyes Amber.

another reason why I find him attractive.


I love her boots. As for the dress, not so much.


Yvon Rodic you astound me.


haaaaaa. I can't believe I read the whole thing, I laughed so it was worth it.


eeeeek : “we can be friends” is like “your dog is dead, but you can still keep it”.

sorry but these are too'll thank me later.


this is a swimsuit!

need this necklace por favor.

tee hee

they're both the man. one just has a plan.

I enjoy everything about this picture.

speaking of Will's



I bought these the other day to relive mine.

top sixty ghetto names. lmfao kool-aid.

TONIGHT. it gets closer.

MISSING PERSON ALERT: LeBron Raymone James, Cleveland, OH - Age 25 D.O.B. 12/30/84. Reported missing 5/11/10. Last seen being taken to school by Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics). Not heard from since Nike stopped running puppet commercials. Last seen in false NBA crown. James may be in need of medical attention for elbow. …Any info helping authorities find LeBron or his game, contact 1-800-FAKEMVP


Banksy you are unreal.

the fact that I have two outta three ain't bad.

no words need apply.

I got a problem, with spendin' before I get it.

I'd love to live here. completely cut off from people when you wanna be, privacy.

let's talk about

be my pets please.

Drake borrowed it.

I wish this came on t-shirts.

fuuuuuuck that.

not to worry ....

I wanna buy a can of spray paint and do some thangs....

then drive off reaaaaaaaallly fast.



this weekend. you already know.

sorry for the long post I got carried away a lil.

keep it realreal raw.