Don't Go Diggin For Dirt.

don't go asking questions that you do not want to know the answers to...

If you didn't care, you wouldn't be asking now would ya ? hahah

There are certain things that should be kept private from anyone and everyone who is not directly involved.

Been doing a lot of looking at myself closer lately, seeing what it is I really want.need.don't.need.
I've noticed some things about myself that I didn't think were there before, which was interesting haha nonetheless informative at the very least, even a little weird. I found myself comparing a lot of aspects tonight, of course one side won hands down, no questions asked.

Don't tell me what I wanna hear, that's probably the worst thing you could do. When I ask you something, shoot me straight. I don't need someone to tell me all the things they think "I wanna hear" shiet, go play in traffic because your answers make me wanna do the same. (:

I want someone to trip me while we're walking just because it's funny (although I am quite the klutz and will probably end up hurting myself), it's all love dough.

I WANT TO HAVE A WATER FIGHT RIGHT NOW, that and go to Six Flags! but both are happening in the near future. best believe.


whaaaaat?!! I was not informed of this, not sure if it's gunna be good though.

I want a grilled bacon cheese and tomato right nowza.

I know there's no bacon and tomato in there but I see them , haha.


this shower head is unreal, and needs to be dispensing water in my shower.

this is siiiick. A simulated swimming pool?

this knife block is dope.

these leggings are silly,but for some strange reason I want to buy them haha

as if it could get any smaller....

I mean I'm not really against the dude, I just think that he should man up (:

this is by far the most sexual tattoo I have ever seen....I have no idea why anyone would want this image on their body permanently, okay so I have some idea...

I wanna see Iron Man 2!

Tonight was different...

keep it raw.

you ask me why I don't show it. It's not that I don't, it's that I can't right now, for me.
and no it's not any easier, shit is difficult as fuck. I keep trying to get away but a part of me doesn't want to. at all.

gotta study for this shit.