Note to self, don't run long distances at night to clear your head, and then head to work.

all I want to do it eat and sleep.

been thinking a lot lately, mostly about things that can easily be fixed, but aren't. meh.

I know this bothers you my fellow drivers. When people get out of the car before you do, and walk away -___-. Here's the conversation that goes on in my head:
"oh hey thanks for waiting douche bag".
idk I just think it's common courtesy to wait, seeing as they just drove you.... but that's just me.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, or the summer weather at least.

How are you they ask me. they ask me. they ask me. I tell em'....
I may be smiling, but I'm not happy. I am trying my best though. I swear.

sorry for not posting anything interesting lately, not really feelin' it right now.

I love cool lamps, dude they're bowling pin lamps!!!!!

Celtics tonight. Magic, come wit it.

keep it raw.