I Haven't Even Cut You Yet.

OG Nightmare > 2010 Nightmare.
Although I did jump quite a few fucking times lol.
for some reason the new Freddy...made me laugh a smidge hehe he just wasn't as scary as the other one.

on another note, a friend gave me a get well soon bag, equipped with a first aid kit because he said "he didn't want me falling down the stairs", which is true because I had to sit down for about 20 minutes in a building today before I could muster strength to get to the parking lot. thanks again :o)!

today, was a good day,
but tmrw night...... will be better.

keep it raw.

I tell you how it is, how you make it, yet you never see the problem.
so here it is flat out:
I wish you well in all your en devours, I hope you find happiness.