She's Left The Building.

another night out, another dance floor.
move for me, I'll move for you.

note to self: get better at poker (so I can rob people of their monies).

I play for keeps, so if you're bluffing, please, do me a favor and leave the table.

a few weeks ago:

of course my eyes are half closed.

"why is he standing next to you?"
- If I knew, I'd tell ya.
"it's cuz you're black"
- probably

I love listening to old jams. (o:3

So let's start, it shouldn't be too hard
I'm not a sucker so I don't need a body guard
I won't flex wear a bullet proof vest.
Don't smoke buddah, can't stand sex yes!
It takes two to make a thing go right.

well, after a couple of weeks I've finally smartened up and answered my own damn questions, I'm back baby.

It's my favorite time of year well, almost favorite, for sports anyway:
I mean what else could you ask for?

Nadal ome. Kidding, I have Roger for that. But there's no denying that Nadal puts on a show whenever he plays, which is why I can't help but watch him. His drive is sexy.

Whoever came up with this shit, knows how to market towards silly peoples. Instantly when I saw this "in my white tee" scrolled across the screen in my head. Plus the fact that these ass clowns are selling plain tees for twenty a pop to trendy lil kiddies is they say that the shirts are all "buttery soft", would you like some more bull with your shit?

wanna know what twelve hundred dollars worth of steel glasses looks like?
prekibtion: lady gaga, rihanna, or some other person striving to stand out will be wearing these in the near future.

I wish I was at the game right now, I'd bring a broom with me. (o:3

this is wonderful.

while we're on the subject of nintendo games, I really hope this isn't real. "apparently" it is. lies I say, all lies.

Threadless <--- the shiet. ex:

replace the cup with a Dunkins one and I'm allllll for it.

and I just think this one's cool. haha

Monk is looking at this right now and smiling wider than ever. And if you don't know who Monk is, please exit immediately, just kidding....kinda. Tony Shaloub you my BOY.
for those with OCD or if you're a germaphob

I wish I lived near the water [well closer], so I could bust out this bad boy as soon as it gets warm.

next time someone tries to knock you for using crayons show em' this.
you are a genius. <--- artist

part book, part lamp, just my kind of lighting device.

I need a watch....

I love anything Star Wars.

Disney....sexified if that's a word. I don't give a fuck (:

Give me 13712931233 of these. I love bbq-ing, and not just because I'm Black either, although at least I have an excuse =P

just when I thought people couldn't get any more ridiculous, they went ahead and made a solid gold iTampon. <---I went to the apple store a couple of weeks ago and played Diner dash for a good solid hour..... -_- fuck you Steve Jobs. one hundred and eighty-nine dollars worth of phail:

Audi A9 concept......
not sure about the windows or whatever they are.

SL65 Black Series-based T65 RS. do me? this thing is dirrrty.

my cousin has one of these. Okay so not this particular make but still... -____- I always wanted to ride a motorcycle....
speaking of him, hope all is well Rob we love and miss you.