Weather The Storm.

well seeing as summer has "officially" began, cept not really because I always feel like I'm working or doing something to occupy what SHOULD be my "time off". It's allllll good, cuz I can actually focus on me for a few months until it's back to the grind.
I think that everyone should have time for themselves, whether you're married, single, pregnant, working, whatever. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs time for themselves. To unwind, think things through, assess the situations at hand, among other things. Without time to self reflect or to not focus on life, vicious cycles of terribad behavior can ensue, and who the hell wants to deal with that shit, not I said the fly, not I.

I need to stop being so wishy-washy. I need to make a decision and stick with it, enough of this back and forth shit, because it's detrimental to my health. Being indecisive is a disease.

if it's one thing that I find most unattractive in people, is indecisiveness, especially when it comes to decisions that aren't even remotely close to life changing. For example:
what to eat?
it's not rocket science. If you're hungry you eat, pretty simple. Yes there are many options, so pick one of the 1092830912487 that there are.

if we're going somewhere, and you throw the infamous "idk what do you wanna do?" I will not hesitate to throw you out of the car/press the eject-o seat-o button cuz. And if you didn't catch that that was from 2 Fast 2 Furious, we have a problem (o:3.

just a quick thought/rant, why does everyone feel the need to either start smoking a ton of shit, or stop smoking a ton of shit, I mean it's nine in the morning ....I never did understand people and their deranged views on the use of things in this life. use it, don't abuse it. I'm an addict of anything, I have an addicting personality so I choose not to do shit. I'm a firm believer of too much of anything is bad (except bubble tea and oxygen... ha). In all honesty...get to know yourself before you dabble people, seriously, or shit will not end well for you and those that surround you. I'm done, I swear.


Banksy, you are a genius.

and I thought this was a leaf, HA! bugs <--- although I hate their every being.fiber.body.molecule.atom. the whole camouflage thing is pretty neat-O

rofl copter, change the red to tv and eating.

I love all of these:
Pocahontas...with blue people.

storyofmylife. except five.s


I nearly cried.

except change the 6 flags one, because I actually do wanna go there lol.

STORY OF MY LIFE. slash what I repeat overandoverandoveroverover in my head while at work half the time, sometimes I cleverly replace asshole with idiot.dumb.

I went to a florist a few days ago to see if they had lilacs, not that people ever do, nope no lilacs. Looks like I'm gunna have to borrow a few off the neighbors enormous supply, they won't miss them.....yes I know the picture below is not of lilacs.

I know I posted about this guy before, but I came across a few more sculptures.... he's just too good.
Ron M. thank you for doing what you do.

Gabriel W. your concept is marvelous, I love your vantage points.

this looks like something that would be on my shelf. not a fan of vodka though.

this is pretty nifty, I probably wouldn't be able to afford one fry though, I would like to step inside though.

I want to be there.

people keep searching for what being cool is, I tell em to stop because for one, looking is not cool, it's effortless because it's just you being yourself all the time<--- radiates cool (yes that's an oxymoron, no I don't give a damn). I'm a marketing major.....ew school haha but I would like to come up with some nifty ads one day. I mean you just get to fuck with people into buying things, seems fun to me.

Let's go on bumper cars!!!!!!! Bah I miss my childhood, no one ever wants to do kid stuff anymore, laaaaaaame. Has anyone ever tried bumper boats?! it's not nearly as fun, but I think that's because they don't go that fast.

people as fleas, I love it.


Jill Greenberg I like your pho-toes.

haha this reminded me of you today. rawr I'm a lion DINOSAUR. The fact that this hoodie is for little kiddies doesn't faze me, I'm gunna buy one anyway.

haha I love Star Wars stuffs.


why are you so ugly.....

BLAM this picture is cool.

this table is awesome beyond belief. It's not very practical but it's still friggen cool.

I had the urge to bake a good today lol cake perhaps? or maybe brownies, ooo or cookies!
I wish I had this oven mitt though.

my eyes are on that blue oven.

I like that sweatshirt.

this shower is chill yo.wicked<--- ew.

these coat hangers rule.

for all you people who are on his nuts. here's another reason to dickride.
yeah he may be "cool" but he's also in jail lol. to each is their own.

don't make any one thing your life. it's poison.

tee hee I don't even like minicoopers, I love pacman though.

speaking of mini's I'd wanna ride in one of these at some point in my life, I wouldn't mind biking someone around either.

I think he should be riding this bike though:

this looks like waaaaay too much fun. plus the water looks amazing.

I think my dad and I would both want one of these in the house.

light.....tape??!?!??!?!?!?!??!! I have no words right now. where the fuck do I buy 871982313 rolls of this?

I think people have to ask themselves, when it comes to happiness, to what lengths are you willing to go to achieve it?

where do we go from here?
are we too far find our way home?

what is home?

have fun, enjoy the day.night.morning.afternoon.evening.

keep it peachy. just.