Whoa, so this is what the inside of a really cool limo looks like. I think I've been in a limo probably three times in my life, and I think all but one was for a funeral....

nice bum where you from?

does anyone else like these as much as I do? I have a small obsession.

I love this song, and Lauryn Hill

I know I've posted this before, but this really should become a cereal, err well I'm not sure it'd be a cereal technically anymore but still, it should exist :)

please take off your batman ring and mail it to me immediately. many thanks will be sent in return.

lmfao. oh pedo bear.

I wanna do a piece like this, or just have someone who's actually talented do it for me....foh freeee ninety-nine.

I will drive on this one day. <--- added to the list.


this shirt is amazing.

is it bad that the first thing that came to my mind after I hope she's okay was walk it off. I meant it in a comical way but I guess normal people don't find that funny =/

whoaaaaaa, and I'm not even a fan of vodka but I'd just love to have this bottle. I mean it says abosolut DISCO.

great movie. Thanks for showing me :o)
although the pies still make me feel a little un-easy.

maybe if I had boobs this would have been a good way to cheat, oh wait...

besides the fact that you have that on your inner arm [ouchies], the concept is ill.

this looks like fun. I wanna go to six flags. I wish people would man up and stop being so scared of rollercoasters -_-

I always wondered this.

in all honesty if you're gunna do it this way. do it up right.

three, is the magic number yes it is.

why does the weather continue to scorch my soul.
I'd like a glass of this please.

psh fuck that. FELIPE'S ALL DAY. oh and cheese fries from flat patties.

I mean come on man it looks healthy, of course it doesn't taste good.

I love stickers!!!!

nearly every time I put heels on, this is what it feels like to me. I love sneakers/comfortable footwear, I don't care what you girls say, they're just not comfy to me.


Chris Brown - Deuces (Ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall) from Darron Sno on Vimeo.

hahahah I remember this movie.

I hated it then and I hate it now. YOU CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people sleep on pbr.


this place looks 78597435678762 times cooler than my place of employment.

favorite part, besides the post-it scene.

fuck you and fucking goodnight.

keep it raw or whatever.