Your Smile Fades In The Summer

TRIFECTA. and let the summer officially begin.

I love you both.
let the new chapters begin.

Been clearing my mind recently, it's quite liberating actually, you should try it. Things that used to bother me, have slipped away, time works wondahs kehd.

CELTICS <---- I'm so proud. THE TRUTH. oh yeah rondo too (=

I would like to see the Northern Lights at some point in my life, it looks amazing.

For some reason I'm really attracted to this me crazy, I don't give a fuck. Bottle's ill...or maybe it's a jar...

this video is crazy, maybe people will understand why I like this song so much haha

lookin' good...

I want need it to be Friday.

hahahaha, this is great.

Olympics 2016: Rio
bouta book my shit now. if life couldn't get any better. I'm buying one, or five...thousand. (:
they have necklaces too.......Jesus....

I wanna put flowers in these, preferably lilacs, or black roses, yes black.

funny thing is I kinda picture this in my head when I eat Goldfish, I also eat them by the handful.

Radio: I just ate 760 calories worth of goldfish.
Mom: That's a lot of goldfish don't ya think kib?!
" I guess...I'm not really sure how much 760 calories worth is though ---"
Mom: I mean, they're pretty scale-y....
" She was talking about the crackers mom...the crackers....."
Mom: ::laughter:: I forgot about those, I mean people do eat goldfish for pranks and stuff right?

I love my mom. Happy Mother's Day! and to all others out there as well. tomorrow is never promised, so if there are people in your life that matter, let them know.

Chris... you fucked up.

It's so hard to get you outta my system, you don't know what you do to me, you don't even understand, damn.

honestly I should man up,

I went through some old pictures today, it's sad how your smile fades. Hope all is well with you and your family, because I have no idea.

keep it raw.