Fuck The Dealer.

Been to CT and back last night. Ain't no thang. Monkey!

today is National Doughnut.Donut. Day! free at Krispy Kreme and I think you have to buy a drink at DD to get a free one, so technically it's not free there... -_-

Word up Dumbledore <--- idk your real name, but I like Dumbledore #1 better, unfortunately.

story of my life. not that anyone calls me haha

I've come to the realization that people make the effort to be in others lives, so if there's someone there worth keeping keep note, and reciprocate that ish.

Will Smith, why are your kids so stylish? oh wait...

MIGUEL GET IN MY PANTS, this man has a wonderful voice, I really hope people listen to him more often.

Corrine B.R. I love your hair, reminds me of my own, cept not at all, because I can't stand my hair when it's curly<--- unmanageable.

these men are fantastically handsome.

maaaaad azn. Except for the fact that this should be in the book "Things White People Like", maybe it is, all I know is it was the cool thing to have Pocky for a snack back in school.

I think art like this is wonderful, I love when people mix mediums like watercolors and ink. And a funny side note, my dad wears slippers like that and I make fun of him for it (: constantly.

aww you're a cutie Kid.

rofl Marshall you're a clown.

I reallyreally enjoy this shirt.

creative. I hardly wear my pair.

perfection, minus the pickles, so almost perfection, oh and cheese on the bottom too.

this ring is diirty.

I semi-wish I purchased this pack, then I look at my bank statements and I cry a little.

I'm hardly in a splendid mood when I get to work for whatever reason it may be:
traffic, people and the pure and utter stupidity, sunshine (people love the sun and ice cream combo), but when I am having a great day at work and some douchebag comes in and asks 1823 which is 1822 too many I wish I could hold this up.

welcome to the good life aka most of my free time once I convinced my mom that a playstation was a good idea for the entire family, HA.

size small please.

I'm not interested in the guy, I'm interested in that TIE.

haha I got a kick out of this, especially the charmander part seeing as it's clearly the best choice ;)


no thanks I hate happy endings (o:3

when I say byaah , this is what I'm referring to silly.

god how I wish these were in print, and readily available for private use.

Whenever people ask something of me or if I want to partake I just say this, both out loud and in my head.

hehe I never thought of that...

you all know my obsession with NES.

I make this hand gesture far too often, usually while driving. veryveryfast.

california, here we come. - oc theme song. sorry that popped into my head

I loathe people who walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk. New York, Boston, it's all the same.

lovely darling, just lovely.

If I ever owned a business, this would be my office.

skc & me <--- college student right dair. were talking about how love has an absurd effect on your judgment and such. It consumes you and makes you often reach out to an empty chair half the time, yet it's a gorgeous disaster that you can't help but be enthralled in and with. You watch yourself fall, and you're not worried, at all.

I'm not attracted to this burger only because I keep questioning how the fuck one would eat said burger without it exploding all over you.


intoxicate me with your refreshing ways you.



MmmmMm, they look even better with marshmellows. yes I know it's spelled with an a but it's not mahlows they're white cylindrical mellow pillows of sweet goodness, so fuck off spelling Nazi's.

nice rings.

yeah about that.

this ad is terrible not only do I want to pummel the creator of that top looks like a veryveryvery hairy pair of triangular coconuts, and it took me about a minute to realize it was about sparkling water....

err.......yeah...I mean I guess if you're into that.

wonderful, I'm doing the signs to this right now.

nice bum where you from?

but we dun luuh the hoes, I got pennies fuh my thoughts, now I'm rich.

I just creamed myself haha. well I thought it was funny.

now this is what I call a sharp idea.

Gummy Worms make me smile!

ay fellas. fyi Tyga is Viet and Jamaican, whattahmix ya?

welcome to my life numero uno.

Nearly every time I see a banana split I think of Claudio ha, that and other people who are foodcrazy, in a good way.

DO IT. <-------------------

Jeff K. X BMW.

I'm sorry Fed, I thought you'd make it allllll the way to the end, you're still my favorite (:
You and Agassi and fucking psycho, shit's like 9812734128951926412 feet about the ground.

George C. for the single "Power" by Ye.

poor birdies, I really hope they clean everything up soon.

Nipple Enhancers....wtf is the world coming to. Yeah because I guy really wants to take you home so he can find some fake nips underneath your shirt, all so you can look "fashionable". gtfouttaheah.

damn boy. damn.

or-e or-e-o.

yum. although I'd probably have more fun making it then eating it.

I love making funny faces. especially at children when their parents aren't looking. fuck it, even when they're looking.

I also realized that I make a face that resembles this cat....-_-

waiting for this.

Gilmore Girls:
"It’s like he’s driving in a car, okay, and I just wanna be in the passenger seat, but he’s locked the door and I have to hold onto the bumper. I’m not even asking him to open the door for me, just leave it unlocked and say come in. But no, he didn’t do that. So i’m hanging onto the bumper and life goes on and the car goes on and I get really badly bruised and am hitting poles and it hurts. I mean it really hurts. And yesterday, I had to let go of the bumper because it hurts too much…it hurts too much."

mmmm bacon, does anyone else think it's fucking hilarious that they made a LITE version of this? I mean for God sake, you're eating mayo that tastes like bacon, there's nothing lite about it.

nice shirt lady. reminds me of TMNT.

this guy. Dude clearly wants 128937 DUIs. but on the other hand it would make tailgating very easy. I wonder how it keeps cold.....

too harsh.

I can honestly say that I've never said a piece of cake looks sexy, until today.

baby! your eyes are stunning.

mwahahhaa. pure disappointment.

oui oui.

We get it, we fucked up, just bring it home thanks.

keep an eye out for Andrew B.

I do however, enjoy this ad.

Twenty-Four Hours until I'm happy. well minus about half of them haha

5:30pm - Sam Adams
5:50pm - Kevin Rudolf
6:10pm - Nicki Minaj
6:35pm - B.o.B
7:00pm - Drake
7:40pm - Clinton Sparks <--- ten minutes? really?
7:50pm - Trey Songz
8:35pm - Ludacris w/ Taio Cruz

letting go isn't a one time thing, I have to do that shit everyday.

keep it raw.