Game Six Series Winner.

We may know how to lose fourth quarters, but we know how to win the series. Bring it on LA.

^^^ Thought I'd get that outta the way first (: ^^^

We the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house....


Luxirare is an extremely talented young woman, I wish I had as much motivation to actually go through with some concepts that I have, oh that, and supplies..
I would wear this ring daily.

I really wish that I had this pen during high school, it would have made class that much easier to get through.

Commonwealth is a boutique in DC, and I've always wanted to take a looksie if I ever go down there. But they just released their first watch, I really like the purple one, plus the box even looks sexy.

PoppaHova was a Rolling Stone.

He's nineteen, he's a millionaire, twenty-five mill to be exact, he hasn't even played his first NBA game yet, he's John Wall, and he's one lucky son of a gun.

shiet, I'm not even 19 yet and I haven't played my first game either, Reebok did you catch that?!

catch his mixtape right hurr. I haven't listened to it yet, but if you have let me know if it's any good, not that I'll listen to your criticism that closely anyway, but it is helpful.

I bet all the rich idiots will be eating this shit for breakfast. Go ahead buybuybuy away.

Diego you're the man.

If these Free Agents just stuck to one color accent, they'd be in my possession by now.

FINISH HIM. fatality.

oh-oh-okay I'm--Bugatti concept.

This yacht is ridiculous. I can't even begin to understand why someone would need something like this to begin with, but I mean fuck it John can buy like 49187422184u1 of these badboys. Clearly I'm still in shock over Mr. Wall.

wonderful idea, I couldn't have done it better, well I wouldn't have made them ceramic....and if they were they'd be painted better. fiesty, I know.

wouldn't buy it, but if someone gave it to me I'd be widdit.

seriously..? dislike. kidding, sorta.

let meh put you on blast.

this mug seems fitting.

lovely view.

"Papervore" coffee table, I honestly just see a huuuuge hang shredder...but that's just me. they're charging over twelve hundred for this thing...pahah

me likey!

comb over

hehe I have a shirt with a similar concept.

I wish I knew where to buy me one of these, because apparently whenever it rains and I'm outside, it decides to rain horizontally...


I'll take the whole lot of em'

whoaaaaaaaaa, I don't even wanna know how many bottles would fit in those crates(2500 crates to be exact)...

talk about a nice rack. This coat rack connects itself to the interwebs to tell you the weather, how cool is that?!

stone mouse!

this pretty much sums up America.


MmmMmm sleep.

sa-weeeet. nomnomnonomnomnom

as if being a man and driving a scooter wasn't bad enough ;) I'm kidding.

this is too amazing for words. it's a mask that record what your eyes see, only down side is it's either look like a doofus during your wedding or just have someone else record it....

goodnight and goodluck.