I Don't Know Who You Think You Are.

oh herro readers.

Renegades that'll peel you back like new hundreds
Bet your jewels on it, you don't want to lose on it
Either move on or move on it
Word is out, hysteria you heard about.

Sorry my posts have been pretty sporadic and pretty inconfuckingsistant, not that you care, or at least I hope you don't, not that I do...wow anyways I've just been doing a lot of self-reflection mostly just life really haha.

what if something terrible happens and I never talk to you again?

Thank you for existing, truly.

I'm the kinda person who can sing along to a song that I'm hearing for the first time, idk why but for some reason it's as if the melody and lyrics scroll across a screen in my head and it just comes out. I also tend to predict people's actions far too well for my own good.

on a side note I think it's quite hilarious how the trifecta is all in the same place for once, it's both refreshing and terribad allllll at the very same time. I late it. love it hate it, what's the difference? I've also been thinking about the difference between love and hate seeing as everyone always talks about the "very fine line" yada yada yada. I mean I'm not so sure myself, but I think that they're both extremely strong emotions and yes they are very similar...no shit they're on opposite ends of the spectrum. Meh they're both terrible, they're both great...? one's good one's bad. Either way they both consume you so I guess in the end you have to make a choice no?

I love my family. music. food. good company.

Cada vez que me levanto y veo que a mi lado estás y me siento aniquilado Me siento aniquilado aniquilado
si no estás Tu controlas toda mi verdad y todo lo que está de más Tus ojos me llevan lentamente al sol Y
tu boca me habla del amor y el corazón Tu piel tiene el color de un rojo atardecer Y es por ti.

Penn Do me.

these heels....

I want to stand on ice

screw you LA, (I'm just mad no one in Boston's made something like this for us yet).

regret get's exhausting.

"Love is letting go, even when you don't want to. Love is letting her be happy even when it doesn't involve you. Love is being okay with just being friends. Love is being able to say goodbye, because you know its the best thing for her. Love is letting go."

"Everyone says within time, things heal. But that’s not true. Time only lets you push it in the back of your mind and learn to deal with it, but the pain stays."

I can't get tired of looking at you.

medical treatment for the mind. or so they say. or glaucoma whichever really.

I know this is terrible but...

slice and dice em.

Michael Jackson you have an undeniable influence on these cats today.

Waiting for your album to drop, I wish time would hurry up.

I really wanna do a piece like this one day, I just wish I had the drive to do so, that and the supplies haha, perhaps this year at school I'll invest in some paints and such and get back to work? either that or a sketchbook because I keep telling myself that I'm going to buy shit and I just end up pushing it off and pushing it off.offoffoff.

You 37 years old, you was born in 1968 and I open the daily news.
How's the king of new york rocking sandals with jeans?
Open toe sandals with chancletas with jeans on....
How's the king of New York rocking sandals with jeans and he 42 years old?
- Killa Cam.

Kiss her and hold her. - Tyga Tyga gettin' nice-ah.

for some reason that looks like it too way too much time and effort and kinda painful actually -_-

I really hope your name is Chanel.....

this is why I have a thing against tattoos, well not all of them but a good amount of them.

While you're imitating Al Capone, I'll be Nina Simone, dedicating on the microphone.

I'm here to stay, and I'm not changing for no one but me (:

hey lady I like your jacket! please tell me where you've gotten it from, pwease.

now this is my kinda cake haha kiddddding. sorta.

2 glasses please!

Blue! My mom would never buy these for me when I was kid, she said they were "unhealthy" I guess it's time to confess that every time I went to my friends house who had them I ate about 281641284724312. mwahahhaa

I was in Best Buy the other night buying True Blood season 2, and this was on, I can't believe it's on DVD already. Time flies when you're living.

who you tellin'?

I hate these. but I can't deny that this picture is fantabulous.

whoa I never knew there were so many flavors! vanilla though? no thanky.

HEY! you stole our name! give it back! GIVE IT BACK

okay I know people that get gauges, but gauges your mouth.....errr I think you've taken it a step too far, more like twenty steps.

someone gave this to my beans' sister and she gave it to me! apparently the intention of it was to hold a shot of liquor, but I decided to use it to hold other things instead.

It's finally here. iPQuatro.

so here's the run down:
- screen's made of black glass.
- it's skinnier than the rest...but a little bit heavier than the old one.
- battery is 16% longer lasting
- apparently you'll be able to do video calling because it has a front camera....
- new software.
199.00 for 16 and 299.00 for 32gb.

fuck you Steve.

I love dumplings! I had these last night, but they clearly didn't give me enough. I mean five....really?

This hat's from the Men's section, meh I don't care, say what you will.

Ciao peoples!

oh yeah.

keep it raw.