Ain't No Party Like A _____ Party.

Sorry I've been slackin'. But in my defense I have been out of state. Okay you caught me, I've been back for a solid half week, but I swear I have a great excuse ---> I didn't feel like it.

N' Joy!

Sick vanity man.

So I attended my family reunion this past weekend, and it was magnificent :o)!

one of the tallest people I know! AJ's over seven feet.

meet his daughter, my cousin, Chloe! (in pink)

I thought it was funny that those of age got these wrist bands, and those that were not got X's, seemed a little backwards, but I guess they do things differently in the South.

I've made a pact to myself to post a pair/set every day for the rest of the summer! hopefully I won't get lazy.
so here it goes!
Pus head's. I haven't worn them yet, they run kinda small, but I'll wear them one day don't worry, not to mention this box is one of my favorites.

starting to wonder if other schools would have suited me better....

Dear Kibbee:

Congratulations on your admission to the College of Business Administration (CBA). We believe you have the potential to become an outstanding business professional.

Dear Kibbee :
Congratulations and welcome to the University of Miami!

Here's the Bud bottle I was talking about from earlier posts.

random, but my boy Scar looks like Ray Allen, I don't really care if you agree or not (:

not to mention that Greg (the guy in the middle ^) looks like The TRUTH.

pretty much what I do every time I go into work.

We were in the paper again!

haha these are decals that you can stick on your door to fool your guests. These are definitely up my alley.

when I become a bar tender, I shall use this nightly.

enjoy your day readers (: