Long Nights.

I honestly swear that I'm nocturnal, maybe it's by choice, but I really do try to sleep at decent hours. My sleep schedule got messed up during the summer of senior year and I never really set it back to normal.... okay I take it back it's not that I'm nocturnal, I'm up for most of the day too, it's just that I don't sleep.

people ask me over and over, why I don't have someone. I ask em' just one?
kidding. I mean, I'm not completely opposed, but I ain't looking, nor will I be, for a very,very,very. long.time. At this stage, I'm just focusing on me, call me selfish, I still don't give a damn.

"I'm havin' a good time, they just tryna ruin it"

here comes the sun....it's alright.

keep it raw.