We Both Say We Single. And We Both Lying.

this is one of the funniest things I've seen all day

"Fuck outta here with that “being a girl is expensive as hell” shit.

Girls got it easy:

  • Show up to the club before 12 and it’s free
  • Y’all don’t buy us drinks
  • Y’all rarely pay for dinner/movies
  • Sneakers are 1/2 the cost of mens sneakers
  • You wear $10 “flats”, but catch a nigga with New Balances and he a buster
  • Forever 21
  • Show tits, get away with shit
The only reason why shit is expensive for girls is buying tampons, makeup & trying to dress like Amber Rose".
Preach preacha. ^^^^
ie Amber Rose wannabe:

I'm not a fan of Franklin but his texting trick last week was quite humorous, this however is gross.

Oh yeah if you haven't noticed...I'm obsessed with this show. You should watch it...or else hookuh.

I love the setup of your room.

I've seen better.

for example:

story of most girls' lives....no bullshit the kissy face is relentless.

yummmm. add: onions, green peppers. minus: a few pepperoni <--- too many on there

rofl copter, if this was in the real music video I would love her forever.

I find myself saying this more and more as the days go by.

luxirare why do you do these things to me...why. You astound me.

after looking at your pictures, I've decided I'm going to Dim Sum tmrw afternoon.

China Pearl anyone?

Lindsey for Complex, featuring Kaws.

Eraser USB drive, I'm impartial though, Alzheimer's scares me. neat idea though.

Scarlett J. for Esquire

I ordered OJ at breakfast the other day and the waiter tried to make a funny. Not to worry I gave him the death stare (:


props man, I own this card too. Azn pride.

I strongly, strongly,dislike.loathe. chex mix, it's not good, I don't care what you say.
when I was a kid I used to only eat the lighter gridlike things, with the occasional pretzel. fuck everything else in that bag.

My friend was right, you are gorgeous.

nice bum, where are you from?

TEA BAG! I need these.

story of my life.

I honestly didn't know that this was a saying until the other day. Apparently I need to do this more.

oh yeah, I like him when he was on 3rd Rock From The Sun, bitches.
Tommy Solomon.

that's all there is.

keep it raw.