And I Miss You Stayin' Here Till The Mornin'.

Wale's new mix tape is in heavy rotation, lovin' it.

Work was a drag, played tennis for five hours until they shut the lights off on us, I love summer nights.

Kaws and Dos take a gander.

you are insane. I hate bees they scare me. You'd think I'd love em seeing as they're all up in my name and shit, but it's the opposite. And it's physically impossible for bumble bees to fly, and every time I see one I tell em' so.

for those who know, and for those who don't.

Canada eh? America Jr. tryna be a cool kid, I see you.

Freeze like me. Deadly pops.

I'm clearly gunna let my kid have these whenever they want, tell your friends! <--- Mom of the year.
I'm clearly kidding. Not that I should have to explain my humor by now...

yeah that's cool and all, how about "Having sex while skydiving" instead.

I think I'm Big Meech...

- who in the fuck is a meech? and why would you wanna be associated with the vacuum dude.
remix, I think I'm Rick Ross, cuz I am, big ass beard, so I can't tan, mad black, under God, yeah I'm pushin limits, I got a Black coard"

You're too funny.

- I try, cept not really at all though, off the heezy.

Day 03- The five songs you would have with you on a desert island and why.

This is clearly a force, just five?
Oldies- Anything by Earth Wind & Fire, or Otis Reading.
Something off the Thriller Album
Something off my Most Recent playlist.
that's three right? two more...
Hip-Hop Violin by Paul Dateh and Inka One.
And something off College Dropout.

whoever wrote this shit doesn't know me, fuck a five songs, how about five gigs. minimum.

Just took a bath, which normally I find to be revolting, but on occasion it feels orgasmic just to soak your bones. Not to mention I ate the rest of my sub while the water was filling up, I was hungry, sue me.

Currently watching: The Lookout , look it up...
Joe's in it so I decided to put it spot numero uno in my queue, gotta go finish it.
favorite lines so far... if my memory serves me

"I wanna see you naked" - Chris

telling Luvlee why he's blind:
have you been blind your whole life?
- most of it
how'd it happen
- I stared at the sun too long. <--- Lewis [the man]

shortly after...

me and some friends decided to make some money and open up a meth lab
- oh! did you blow yourself up?!
does it look like I blew myself up <--- I did the scene over in my head but added a bitch in there somewhere, bet ya can't guess where.
- Lewis

SKC <--- I have mine, I'm waiting on you kid. (o:3
"Running is not my forte. I can sprint but when it comes to long distances, I’m pathetic. Recap of my run today: shoe came untied, shirt kept riding up my stomach, headphones kept falling off. I looked like such a mess, haha. Once I get rollerblades, life will be good." - We met going on a trip Down Undah six years ago.

Mork & Mindy! I remember when I first saw them, I thought they were awesome, all red and silver <-- my fav, not to mention the rainbow bottoms, I just had to get two.


and for those who have no idea wtf I'm talking about

Not sure if I posted these but I love reading the newspaper, thus I needed these in my life, there's a picture of me thinking I'm cool, reading the metro, in them but I have no idea who has it, nor do I care.
the texture on the "print" part is bananas, if you ever see me with them on please don't hesitate to feel em' up. ha.

I think I'm fresh produce, anti-leaf , keep it raw, Kobe beef.